5th April 2017, London

Water scarcity has been highlighted as a top three potential risk by the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Reports. Drought events are expected to become more frequent and increase in intensity in many regions due to physical climate change impacts. 

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26 October 2016 – Partners come together to launch briefing note at the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative in Dubai

Financial institutions (FIs) are looking to better understand the natural capital risks and opportunities associated with their direct operations, as well as their investment, lending and insurance portfolios.

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Dubai, Geneva, Oxford, 26th October 2016 – The Natural Capital Declaration (NCD), the leading global finance-led initiative convened by the Global Canopy Programme (GCP) and the UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) today announced that has changed its name to become the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA), effective immediately.

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Citi, UBS, ICBC, Banamex, Banorte, Caixa Econômica Federal, Itaú Santander and FIRA are working with the Natural Capital Declaration and the German Government’s Emerging Markets Dialogue on Green Finance to include the economic impact of drought in bank stress testing scenarios.

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Press Release: New York, Geneva, Oxford, 16 September 2015 – Water availability is increasingly recognised as a material risk for many businesses. Water shortages have already shown to significantly impact the performance of companies operating in water-stressed regions[1]. With competition for water expected to increase as a result of population growth, demographic trends and climate change, investors are increasingly seeking a better understanding of the strategic, operating and financial implications of water risk in their portfolios[2].

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